“Rosa pays devoted attention to the vibrant inner lives and daily work life of Harvey Girls, transforming what could have been a prim volume into an intimate page-turner.” - New Mexico Magazine

Rosa Latimer is an author, playwright and an award-winning photographer. In addition to non-fiction books she writes for national and regional magazines and newspapers; was news editor of a print and an online newspaper and supervising director of a nationally syndicated television program.

The story of Rosa’s grandmother, who was a Harvey Girl in New Mexico, sparked her interest in preserving women’s history. This led her to write “Harvey Houses of Texas” followed by “Harvey Houses of New Mexico” and “Harvey Houses of Kansas” - all published by The History Press. "Harvey Houses of Kansas" is the recipient of a 2016 Notable Kansas Book Award.

Next in the Harvey House series, Harvey Houses of Arizona will be released in the Spring of 2019.

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